David Garcia

High School Teacher and Administrator
San Antonio, TX

I was inspired by physics in high school

Inspired into teaching in college

and Inspired to write online by Dan Meyer

In a 16+ year career I have taught Math for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students, Algebra 1 in middle and high school, an integrated physical science course for high school, high school physics 1, AP Physics C mechanics, AP Statistics, and Earth and Space Science.  Currently I work in a Texas high school in a role that includes administration and leadership for the Math and Science Departments, coaching teachers, coordinating support for students, and teaching elective classes.

This site’s title comes from a phrase used to describe Niels Bohr’s Copenhagen Interpretation for quantum duality.

The banner image is a photo I took while visiting my home town of Moraga in December, 2010.

My ID comes from reading Leon Lederman’s book The God Particle.  Somewhere in the beginning he states that if you are ever in need of help from a physicist, go to a busy street corner and hold up a sign reading 137, and one will come to your aid.  You can find more information about 137 in a passage written by Richard Feynman and quoted here. [update: I found the passage from an online excerpt of his book.  Click Here and scroll down to page 5]

You are welcome to contact me via Twitter or you can reach me @gmail.com using the same username as my Twitter and WordPress accounts.


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